Fiji Islands and Beaches


Clumped in the South Pacific Ocean are the islands of Fiji, home of the world’s best beaches. The Fiji islands are collective group of islands that make up an island nation. Located on Vanuatu’s east, the archipelago is made up of 322 islands and 522 islets. The regions major islands are Vitu Levu and Vanua Levu, whose locals account for 87% if the Fiji islands’ population. The terrain of Fiji islands is mostly mountainous, with the highest peak at 4,250 feet. Surrounded by mountains are the Fiji islands’ lush rain forests that are teeming with exotic wildlife. Guests are sure to have a very memorable trip when they visit Fiji islands and its beaches.

The Fiji islands are made up of nine regions which include major islands Vitu Levu and vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Yasawa Islands, Nananu-i-Ra Island, Mamanuca Islands, Lomaiviti Islands, and the Lau Islands. Taveuni is most noted for being the home of the Tagimoucia flower, a species that is indigenous to this part of the Fiji islands.

With its exotic beauty and serenity, Fiji has captured the hearts of many a tourist. With volcanic mountains and tropical waters, Fiji is the perfect destination for those who are looking for a vacation punctuated with exotic adventures and breathtaking beauty. Fiji islands offer more than beautiful beaches, as the region also boasts of tropical rain forests, coconut plantations, and hills.

Fiji islands and Fiji beaches offer various activities and adventures to its guests. From intense water sports to more relaxed beach lounging, there is something for every kind of visitor in Fiji. Visitors could spend the day exploring Fiji islands, go shopping in Suva island, or head for a safari in the region’s highlands. A safari in the highlands if Fiji islands offers magnificent views of the region’s astounding peaks and allows access to Fiji’s remote villages. Those who want an intense water adventure could try whitewater rafting or sail through Yasawa island.

Fiji beaches guarantee a relaxing time to its guests, as warm azure waters and fine sand make for the perfect beach atmosphere. With warm tropical weather and fantastic views, guests of Fiji would experience paradise on earth. Fiji is a beach lover’s paradise, as activities range from chilling by the waters to exploring the islands’ magnificent waters. Guests could go scuba diving or snorkeling in one of Fiji’s blue lagoons. Like the forests of Fiji islands, the seas are also teeming with wildlife, as exotic species of fish swim in and about the corals of Fiji’s beaches.

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It’s a Good Idea to Always Use Yamaha Marine Parts


Because Yamaha has been in the business of supplying marine engines and replacement parts for so many decades, it’s pretty hard to go wrong when you purchase genuine Yamaha marine parts. Yamaha’s engines and parts have a reputation for quality, durability and good value for the money. And when you’re out on the water, reliability is a key concept to keep in mind. Nothing spoils a fun day out on the lake or the ocean more than ocean failure. That’s why it’s the best idea possible to buy only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from a reliable supplier.

Because owning a boat is a considerable expense, it can be tempting sometimes to cut corners by buying aftermarket parts. But do you really want to risk your safety (and the safety of your friends and family) on parts made from who-knows-what and manufactured in some anonymous facility somewhere? The answer to that should be a firm “NO!” Parts made by a reputable manufacturer in a certified facility and sold by an authorized dealer are far less likely to let you down and leave you stranded somewhere. That’s why you should always go with genuine Yamaha marine parts. It’s never a mistake to go for the kind of brand-name quality that Yamaha parts offer.

It’s especially important to buy Yamaha parts for things like engines, linkages, and propellers. But, since Yamaha offers a whole range of boat parts, you might want to look into what’s available from your local parts supplier or your favorite online merchant. One of the best things about using Yamaha parts is that they’re so widely available. Since Yamaha has an international reputation for their boat parts, engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles and so forth, you can obtain Yamaha parts practically anywhere in the world, and certainly in most marinas and boating supply outlets in the U.S.

But, no matter what you’re doing with your boat, whether it’s rebuilding an old engine or something less drastic than a major overhaul, like simply performing routine maintenance, you should always go with using genuine Yamaha marine parts. In addition to using high-quality parts for repairing and maintaining your boat, you also need to find the best supplier you can for the parts you use. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, it’s very simple to conduct comparison shopping for any parts you may require. But, when you are shopping for parts, remember to check the shipping costs. That can vary widely between marine parts dealers, with some dealers using high shipping charges as an extra profit center. So, be sure to take the time to do the math when you’re figuring out who to order from so that you don’t wind up paying too much for your parts because the shipping charges are too high. Sometimes dealers will offer parts and boating supplies at what seem to be great prices, until you figure in what they’re charging for shipping and handling. Remember, the informed consumer is the guy who doesn’t get ripped off when ordering parts and supplies online.

In order to get the most out of your boat you need to keep the engine tuned, and the rest of the boat well-maintained. Boating is not a cheap hobby, but there’s no reason to spend any more money than you need to for parts and marine supplies. Do your homework, take the time to do some comparison shopping, and then find yourself a reliable, reasonably priced supplier who won’t charge too much for shipping and handling charges. The more you save on your boating supplies the more money you’ll have in your pocket for things like fuel, food and drink for you and your friends, and you’ll feel better about the whole thing because you’ll know that you’re a smart shopper. So always go with genuine Yamaha marine parts from a reliable manufacturer, and shop around so you can get those high-quality parts at the best price.

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Spend Your Vacations at the Best Beaches


In the times of challenging economy, there are some Luxury beach resorts that provide you with best beach vacations at affordable rates. Though many believe that top beach resorts are unattainable in the current economic situations, they forget to search for best deals on the Internet that can flood them with many packages about luxury beach hotels. If they conduct a search, they will find that many luxury hotels beach are taking a plunge this season to attract more travelers and are providing the best deals that were never provided earlier.

The packaged deals are designed by the best luxury beach resorts to provide an ideal solution to vacationers who are looking for unique and exclusive experiences. The top beach resorts have decided to treat their guests with the refreshing relief and best holiday experiences so that vacationers eagerly wait for the next opportunity to visit the best beach resorts. Luxury beach resorts are attempting to provide value-added packages to their guests to attract and invite them to come and stay in their best luxury beach resort.

One of the best beach vacations can be experienced in the far-flung region of India. The Wild Orhid Resort in India offers you an opportunity to gaze at the crystalline blue waters of the Andaman Sea from your cozy rooms. In these wild lands, you can even look at elephants that swims in the sea. An escape to one of the best beach resort like this can always help you reset to face the urban life with a renewed energy. If you are not interested in traveling to far-off lands of India, you can opt to spend your vacations in luxury hotels beach at Treebones Resort that provides you with a breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean. And all that at the rates that you can easily shell out of your pockets. The resort is located in California on a bluff near Big Sur.

If you are looking for some exotic locales and beaches to spend your vacations, you can spend some time at Salines Graden Cottages. You will experience the picturesque surroundings covered with pink bougainvillea. The beach vacations in France are equally tempting and come to you at affordable rates. Your stay at eight-suite Villa L’Arche, situated in the tiny town of Bidart will provide you a glimpse of exclusive beach views combined with a dash of chic. The dramatic limestone islets form a part of Thailsnd’s Koyao Island Resort and you can enjoy the view from one of the 15 open-air villas at very reasonable rates.

The Cabbage Key Inn at Florida is yet another destination that is neither very far off from your hometown nor is very expensive. Seven waterside cottages on this island resort provide you with an opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones during the weekends. The best part of this island resort is that it is accessible only by boat.

So, do not wait for any moment further. Just grab your beach towel and some sunscreen and pack your baggage to head towards a beach resort that suits your pockets as well!

Mike Greaves is a self-made entrepreneur, a well known travel consultant and internet marketer. Over the years he has traveled across the world and has numerous writings credited to his name in many renowned publications. His areas of writing include travel experiences including reviews of best beach vacations, spas and resorts and paris packages.

Bass Fishing Tips During the Fall Season in East Texas


Fall is a great time for fishing in East Texas. As the nights get longer and the days get cooler the water temperature in the lakes starts to drop. When this happens, the bass start to move up into shallower waters so they can fatten up for the winter. This fall feeding frenzy makes for some excellent bass fishing and a great opportunity for you and your family to catch a lot of fish.

A lot of the younger bass will start schooling and feeding on shad just out from the brush lines in some of the creek channels on Lake Livingston in Polk County. These creeks will typically range in depths of about 10 to 20 foot of water. Schooling bass are fun to catch using a silver spoon or a chrome rattletrap. Just throw out into the middle of the school and hang on. These are not going to be big bass but because of the numbers they will be fun.

If you are fishing on Lake Sam Rayburn in Jasper County you will find these schooling bass just outside of grass beds off of underwater points also in about 10-20 foot of water. These are usually very aggressive bass, so catching them does not require a lot of finesse. Another tactic for finding bass on the move is to find some deep water grass in about 15-20 feet and swim a soft plastic worm with a light weight sinker or slow roll a spinnerbait.

If you’re fishing for some of the larger bass, move up into the brush and start fishing with soft plastics in about 3 to 10 feet of water. You also can catch these fish using a spinner bait. Here’s a little tip I learned a long time ago. If the sky is clear then use a spinner bait with a silver blade and a white skirt, but if it’s an overcast day then use a gold or copper colored blade on your spinner bait with a chartreuse skirt. I know this sounds simple, but it really works.

Fall fishing can be a great time to catch some good quality bass. So don’t waste the opportunity, take your son or your daughter with you, take the whole family, and get on the lake and see how much fun it is to catch bass in the fall, because fall fishing can be some of the best fishing of the entire year in our East Texas lakes.

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Snorkeling the Underwater Volcanic Caves at Las Cuevas Cove


Surrounded by lush tropical rainforests filled with exotic wildlife and bordered by quiet beaches on the Pacific Coast, the seaside town of La Chacala (Chacala), Mexico, is perfect for all kinds of water sports and nature activities. Located just about an hour-and-a-half north of Puerto Vallarta in the Riviera Nayarit, this quaint beach town is accessible to tourists via a beautiful drive on a paved highway through the jungle hills.

There are many things to do in La Chacala. Among the many vacation activities available are surfing, sailing, fishing, swimming, and especially snorkeling and diving through the underwater caves at Las Cuevas Cove. This secluded cove is great for snorkeling and diving because the water is clear, calm and warm – ideal for tourists who want some spectacular underwater views. The coral reefs of La Chacala are known as one of the best snorkeling spots in western Mexico.

Tours & Access

From La Chacala, ask one of the local boatmen to take you to Las Cuevas Cove for a nominal fee of about $10 USD per person. (Coral reef snorkeling fees run about $20 USD.) After arriving, the boatman will arrange a designated pick-up time with you, allowing time to explore Las Cuevas Cove at your convenience. If you prefer, the boatman can wait for you, but there is an hourly fee for his stay. It’s best to coordinate a pick-up time so you can explore without feeling rushed.

Snorkel gear is available for rent in La Chacala and Las Cuevas Cove, but you may also bring your own if you prefer. Since underwater visibility is so good, and the underwater volcanic caves and coral reefs draw many tropical fish and rare marine life, you may want to bring an underwater camera. Children may also enjoy snorkeling here, but be sure to stay near them so they don’t drift off.

When you return to La Chacala and are ready to wind down after an exciting day, take some time to relax over a drink or snack at one of the many restaurants along the beach. If you prefer to stay longer in Las Cuevas Cove making it an all-day adventure, be sure to bring enough food and drinks to keep you, your friends and family satisfied and hydrated.

On your travels to the picturesque beach town of La Chacala, consider snorkeling or diving at Las Cuevas Cove. Time seems to stand still here, and everything moves to a more leisurely pace. It’s well worth it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Kite Surfing


Kite surfing is the latest in extreme sports that has become a huge phenomenon all over the world and is certainly not for the fainthearted. The surfer will be propelled on the surface of the water by the wind that is powering the kite. This extreme sport can be difficult to master; however, it continues to grow in popularity.

The concept of using a kite to enhance the overall speed of the surfer is exhilarating, and although is considered to be new, people have been kite surfing for centuries. Throughout China in the 13th century a similar style of transportation was used to enable people to guide their canoes. The Chinese used the power of the wind and harnessed its momentum to kite sail.

In the 1800’s, Kite sailing was adapted further, when people began to realize that if they enlarged the size of the kite they could propel themselves even faster. The larger kites were used to propel larger vessels and ships. The design of the kite which was used enabled a system of four line set up. This system is still used today and is very effective when looking to gain extreme speeds over the water.

Having the correct kite surfing equipment is essential to guarantee that you are safe whilst participating in this extreme sport. The general equipment that is needed is a kite, and some platform to sit or stand on. This can be either a snowboard, skis or a small buggy depending on what you are more comfortable using.

Novices tend to prefer the buggy due to it feeling more stable and safe when they first begin in the sport. However, more experienced kite surfers prefer boards to enable them to perform tricks. There are three main styles of kite that are available when looking to participate in kite surfing. These are the inflatable kites, framed kites and the air foil kite. Each style has different benefits and capabilities for the user.

The kites are controlled from a single bar which is connected to either the two or four lines to control the kite. Initially controlling the kite can be extremely difficult and you may need to practice often to master even the simplest of maneuvers. However, once mastered this sport is incredibly thrilling and will ensure that you receive the ultimate adrenaline rush. People underestimate the power and strength of the wind and the force that the kite is propelled.

The equipment for kite surfing is very expensive, and you need to consider if this is the sport for you before spending vast amounts of money. You can take lessons and hire the equipment, which is often the best way to see if you can master this extreme sport. There are several different companies that offer lessons and safety instructions to ensure that you are safe in the water.

With the huge rise in popularity, you can participate in kite surfing all over the world. Your passion and dedication to the sport will enable you to enjoy this exhilarating sport in some truly exotic destinations. Kite surfing is a terrific sport, which if fun, vibrant and very exciting.

Patrick Cumiskey is a contributor to the new activity centre magasine style website and also the chief instructor at Krav Maga Dublin

Why Budget Limited Fishermen and Boat Enthusiasts Love Used Pontoon Boats


It’s not every day that you discover that you can have something that you previously thought was beyond your price range. When the hot summer rolls around, boat lovers and fishermen turn to a life of cruising (and fishing) out in the ocean. Boats are expensive toys and are outside the reach of many would-be boat owners, yet few people realize that most of the benefits that can be fond in a typical boat are also offered in pontoon boats and at a much cheaper price. What’s more many used pontoon boats are in great condition and can be snapped up even cheaper!

Pontoon boats are flat bottomed boats that are distinct from normal boats in that they have a flat deck on-top of cylindrical pontoons for floatation. Pontoon boats are cheap to build due to their simple design, however these boat types tend to suffer from what is known as the “pontoon effect”, whereby the have an inclination to topple when a large sideways force is applied. While certain pontoon manufacturers get around this problem by adding a third, heavier pontoon in the middle to lower the center of gravity, Pontoons are generally “fair weather vessels that should not be taken out in rough weather.

However for a lazy cruise on a bright sunny day, pontoon boats are the ideal way to enjoy the water, whether with your family and friends or on fishing trips, or just lazy cruises out on your own. There are a wide variety of pontoon boat types available, from leisure cruisers to fishing boats, to sports vessels. Pontoons are also a preferred vessel for permanent ferries and utility vessels, with a flat bottom pontoons are perfect in shallow water, as they are less prone to running aground than is the case with a normal boat.

If you are good with tools and own a shed, then fixing up a second hand vessel, can be a rewarding weekend project and because they are essentially a simple vessel, it is not inconceivable to build your new pontoon boat from scratch if you have the time, dedication and patience to do so.

If you are strapped for cash and can’t afford a regular boat, then there is certainly a much more affordable market in pontoons. With hundreds of different pontoon boat types to choose from, you are guaranteed to find an equivalent pontoon, not mater what type of boat you are seeking. As you sit back on your padded seat, sipping lemonade and taking in the welcoming summer sun over the deep blue horizon, it’s where thousands of boat lovers all over the country will surely be in the summer months.

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